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D4.1.5 - HWG scientific papers


Phalkey R. and Marx M. (2009) "Injuries reported at a rural hospital after the Gujarat, India Earthquake of 2001 – A call for standardization of earthquake injury data recording and reporting" - unpublished draft

UCL and UoD

D'Aoust O., van den Oever B., Paliakara N.M., Joshi P.C., Khattri P. and Guha-Sapir D. (2009) "The Nutritional and Health Status of Children in Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh, India" - unpublished draft


Sudaryo, Mondastri K.; Pambudi, Eko S.; le Polain de Waroux, Olivier; Prameswari, Meidy F.; Mahkota, Renti; Louise, Vallerie R. and Guha-Sapir, Debarati. "Spacial analysis of environmental factors for leptospirosis outbreak following the February 2007 floods in Jakarta, Indonesia" - unpublished


Tran Huu Bich, La Ngoc Quang, Le Thi Thanh Ha, Tran Thi Duc Hanh, BPH (2009) "Impacts of Flood on health - Epidemiologic Evidence from Hanoi, Vietnam" - unpublished

UoD and HNI

Khattri P., Joshi P.C., Wind T., Komproe I.H. and Guha-Sapir D. (2009) "Mental Health Impacts as a function of stressors: Evidence from recurrent flooding in Bahraich district, Uttar Pradesh" - unpublished

UoD and HNI

Khattri P., Wind T.R., Komproe I.H. and Joshi P.C. (2009) "Anxiety, depression, and functioning among a population struck by recurrent floods in Uttar Pradesh, India" - unpublished


Magdalena, C. Cabaraban; Linog, Maria Teresa Sharon C.; and Gervacio, S. Ramonnetto. (2009) "A paper on the Social Consequences of Natural Disaster – The Case of the Philippines" - unpublished


Barrameda T.V., and Barrameda A.S. (2010) Rebuilding Communities and Lives: The Role of Damayan and Bayanihan in Disaster Resiliency - unpublished


Akerkar, S. and Fordham, M. (2010) "Gendered coping in disasters: Equality and Difference" - unpublished, circulating amongst UK team

D4.3.5 - EWG scientific papers


Das, Tuhin K. and Das Gupta, Ivy, Monte Carlo Simulation of Damage by Disaster: A Case Study in West Bengal (June 29, 2010). Available at SSRN:

D4.4.3 - IWG scientific papers

HNI and UoD

T.R. Wind, I.H.Komproe, P.Khattri & P.C.Joshi (2009) "Transforming pathology into normality: the moderator effect of a disaster situation on the relation between mental health and functioning in the immediate aftermath of a flood in India"

Other Scientific Papers by MICRODIS Partners

Joshi P.C., Khattri P., D'Aoust O., Singh M.M. and Guha-Sapir D. "Impact of Floods on Health of under five children: A study on Diarrhea in Bahraich district, Uttar Pradesh"

le Polain de Waroux, Olivier; Sudaryo, Mondastri K.; Louise, Vallerie R.; Mahkota, Renti;  Prameswari, Meidy F.; Altare, Chiara and Guha-Sapir, Debarati "Clinical Characteristics of Leptospirosis in a 7-month Retrospective Hospital-Based Study in Jakarta, Indonesia" - unpublished

Joshi, P.C. and K. Sharma (2010). Climate Change Issues Beyond Copenhagen. World Focus. 31, 3: 85-89.